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Our Services

3A’s Therapy Services, providing physical therapy and occupational therapy in San Antonio, Texas, offers a broad range of services to patients of all ages. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is focused on treatments to prevent and manage injuries or disabilities. It is effective in relieving pain, promoting healing, and restoring function and movement.

We use a combination of active and passive therapy to treat the conditions that impact our patients. Passive therapy includes hands-on manual therapy, heat and ice, and even electrical stimulation. Active therapy includes movement-based exercises such as stretching and range of motion exercise, strengthening exercises designed especially for a certain party of the body, pain relief exercises and sometimes low-impact conditioning.

We are conscious that each patient may respond differently to specific kinds of physical there, and that is why are programs are customized to your unique situation or condition.

Occupational Therapy

With occupational therapy, we work with patients from childhood to senior citizens to do the things they want and need to do as part of a normal daily activity schedule.

We help people live life to the fullest by helping them prevent or live better with injury, illness or disability.

We work with children experiencing physical or mental developmental delays to participate fully in school and social situations, we help people recovering from injuries to regain the skills they need for independent living, and we provide support for older adults who are experiencing physical and cognitive changes.

Each patient consultation starts with a thorough evaluation and determination of goals followed by patient-specific interventions to help the patient reach their goals.


At 3A’s Therapy Services in San Antonia, we assess and treat injuries, conditions, and disorders of the skeletal system and the joints, muscles and ligaments associated with it.

We combine science, skill and compassion along with experience to help our patients reduce pain and behind healing of such orthopedic conditions as sports injuries, home, workplace and motor vehicle injuries, back and neck pain, and repetitive strain injuries.

Each initial consultation starts with a thorough evaluation that studies strength, range of motion, postural mobility and gait analysis so that we can prepare a customized treatment plan.

Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is an effective means of minimizing the effects of surgery and helping patients restore their normal level of movement, flexibility and function.

We offer pre and post-surgical care programs for patients who are undergoing total knee and hip replacements, ligament or tendon reconstruction or repair, low back and cervical surgeries and foot, ankle, wrist and elbow surgeries.

Working as a team with your physician and surgeon, we work to help you get back to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible, without risking the pain of re-injury.

Pediatric Developmental Delays and Neurological Conditions

When a child’s development in key mental and physical areas is slower than other children of the same age, they may be experiencing developmental delays or neurological conditions.

Physical therapy has been found to be effective in helping impact these children and bring their development along faster. There are a number of areas that could be affected, including speaking, thinking, moving (motor control), playing or self-care skills.

Early identification and treatment for children with developmental delays or neurological conditions can make a big difference in how quickly they can move forward.

Of the 14 percent of all toddlers and preschoolers diagnosed with developmental delay, they are largely identified as learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism.

We are experienced and effective in helping children overcome these issues and grow their skills.

Knee and Hip Pain

Knee and hip pain bring many people to seek physical therapy.

After assessing the root cause of knee and hip pain, we combine hands-on therapy with client-specific exercises to reduce pain and inflammation and regain strength and motion.

Hip pain is complicated because it can stem from the joint itself, or from the various other structures that surround it. Hip pain is often actually pain being referred from your back.

Because there are many causes of hip pain, our therapy starts with a thorough assessment to determine the underlying cause of the pain. Is it the hip itself, or emanating from an inflamed sciatic nerve or vertebral joint, for example?

We persist until we determine the pain’s source, and then we treat it with evidence-based care and compassion to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Fall Prevention Programs for Seniors

We will help seniors determine whether they have a high risk for falling and teach them how to organize their homes and lives to avoid dangerous situations that would enhance their risk of falling.

Combined with specially prescribed balance training exercises and assessments, we can make a significant difference with many of our patients.

Balance Issues

Dizziness and balance issues can seriously impact a person’s quality of life and ability to live independently. Sometimes these problems can make it very difficult for people to conduct just the normal routines of life and fear of falling can rob people of their independence, making it frightening for them to go out alone.

Signs you are experiencing balance issues include frequent falls and the inability to walk in a steady fashion, imbalance, problems going up and down stairs, and difficulty negotiating an uneven walking surface.

We are trained and experienced in providing balance training and therapy to help you overcome balance issues and the difficulties they create in your life.

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